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Clara Canals

Entrepreneur. 22 years old, @goyatequila

How did you get into tequila?

I am from Vilassar de Dalt and at home we have always had an ecological garden treated with great care. When I met my partner, we really liked the tequila and we saw that the majority of brands were quite poor quality and they did not have the craft deal that I was looking for.

In addition, here you drink with salt and lemon.

Yes, this is an aberration, you need to know how to taste it! I saw that there was a market hole and since we had a lot of passion for the product, we wanted to do create something ourselves. I started with the business plan as a project, and after two months I came to Guadalajara, Mexico.

What do you ask for your tequila?

I always say that Goya Tequila is our interpretation of how tequila would have been made by a Michelin star chef. In fact, we prepared the recipe with the help of several bartenders from Michelin Star restaurants. I wanted to create the purest alcohol in Mexico: without chemicals, without sugar, adapted to European palate… And we have made a Tequila Blanco produced only with Blue Agave, handmade and in Micro Batches.

The land of tequila...

Yes, all the tequila must be produced in Jalisco, an area that is protected by Unesco World Heritage. I was looking for a farm that could adapt to us and I found one that is from a family of eight generations of Maestros Tequileros, with an organic production that now produces only for us.


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