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GOYA TEQUILA ‪won SILVER Medal from @bartenderspiritsawards 2020!‬ 🏆

We are proud to share that GOYA TEQUILA - World's First ‬Seasonal Tequila made 100% Without Chemicals ‪won SILVER Medal from @bartenderspiritsawards 2020!‬ 🏆



‪Goya Tequila is:‬

  • ‪World's First Seasonal Tequila with all our batches tasting different depending on the season.‬

  • ‪Made 100% Without Chemical Pesticides on our Agave Fields and without Stabilizing Chemicals in our tequila. ‬

  • ‪Is a Single Estate Tequila meaning we use Agave exclusively from out farm.‬


For further information please visit:

‪Available to purchase at:


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