At Goya Tequila we give profits from every bottle sold to the #IamClara organisation.

By buying a bottle of Goya Tequila you are supporting a movement that believes it is time we give the young women around the world a chance to start their own business.

#IamClara is a support organization for female entrepreneurs under the age of 25. What separates #IamClara from others organizations is that in addition to financing, they provide coaching, a network of business 

connections and assistance with creating a healthy organization 

structure in order to increase the chances of creating a successful business.

Do you have a startup?

According to Clara, the founder of Goya Tequila, it is impossible to start a successful company alone. Which is why #IamClara was started in the first place. At #IamClara we think you have already sacrificed enought and should not have to give away your good ideas and hard work to the highest bidder. Keep your shares, but share your work. Tell us about your idea. Let's help each other succeed. 

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