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This small, picturesque farm is surrounded by clean rivers, volcanic mountains and rich blue agave fields in the geographic centre of Mexico. Our agave fields are located on the same latitude as Hawaii, rising almost 1500 meters above the sea within a UNESCO world heritage site. Fresh winds carrying oxygen and moisture from the Pacific Ocean combined with year-round damp ground give our plants a blue-green, almost turquoise color and allows us to create flawless crystal-clear tequila. 

We treat the earth of our organic fields in ways inspired by old Spanish traditions and without chemicals. We managed to eliminate the traditional harsh taste of tequila by moving our plants from the volcanic grounds around the volcano to soft earth patches in between sugar cane fields. The earth here contains more water and oxygen and less sulphur and volcanic minerals. This gives Goya Tequila a unique and elegant taste never seen before. The quality is never compromised by adding sugars or flavoring ingredients. 


The production methods we use in Mexico are the same as those used by organic farmers in Catalonia, Spain. This is the same area that supplies the culinary elite with some of the world's best local products. We combined agricultural knowledge from both Mexico and Spain. We experimented on similar pieces of land located on different continents to understand local materials and how micro climates impacted their behavior and tastes. We believe we have found the perfect land and recipe for agave farming and tequila production. 


This level of attention and perfectionism is something that can only be achieved on a small scale. Goya Tequila is something that should be shared with the people you appreciate the most, in small portions. 


Barcelona has been a culinary capital for more than 600 years. But its Chefs and its culinary theatre does not compete with the most conservative kitchens of the world. Barcelona and its culinary masters re-invented creativeness. Barcelona did not challenge the international culinary scene by impersonating others. They made the most awarded establishments realise their distinctions where resting on their forefathers legacies and rewarded by courtesy of their great efforts but not for innovation. The city and its cooks inspired to create. Simply for the love of fabricating something that changes a persons perception of what creativity can be. Barcelona and its people did not only re-invent the stars. They raised the bar. We are inspired by Spanish Chefs, their attitude and their fearlessness of failure.


At Goya Tequila we do not have old history to play homage to. We set our own goals. We started from scratch and was able to re-invent tequila like Spain reinvented international cuisine. We are part of that movement but free to control our self. Like our role models, we have limits but follow no rules. Inspired by the masters of our time. Being it artists who used paint to express their feelings or those who "painted tables" to appeal to our natural instinct of nourishment. Our Tequila is a tribute. A tribute to those who not only fight for what they believe is possible but those who take the time to succeed in achieving it. 

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