Light on the nose, clean cold water springs with a blend of ripening citrus trees. 



An impression of silk with a natural and gentile flavor of slow roasted pines.



 Slightly chilled at the same temperature as red wine. Around 14 - 16 degrees celsius.



Crystal Clear



40% vol.


Inspired by bartenders of Michelin star restaurants and their ability to create the unexpected.


This is a Single Estate Tequila meaning we use agave exclusively on a carefully chosen farm. We use fully ripe piñas that are grown and harvested using natural organic methods. Being a Blanco it is not treated in wood barrels to hide unwanted flavours, we dont need to. The farming, harvesting, production and bottling is all done at our finca so we have full control over the quality of the product. The attention we give each of our small vintages requires one of the slowest production processes in Mexico. The flavour is minimal mineral and has gentle hints of slow roasted pines mixed with citrus tree. A well crafted silky texture with a smooth feel made for the European palate. 

We say it takes about 9 day’s to produce 1 liter of Goya Tequila, but we never really know. The time it takes to produce each vintage should not be determined by us. The tequila it self controls the process, we simply listen to it. This process is rare and unrushed.


Like a painting controlling it's master. 

Goya, Tequila of artists.  


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