Remember that feeling of excitement when you where a kid and you where invited to play with the big boys? Well... That's how we feel today :) 

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In a small market like the European Tequila Market, that is dominated by big corporations, we often meet "closed doors". The challenge is finding the right people, in the right positions, with an understanding of the importance of small brands.

In El Corte Inglés we found a positive and inspiring mentality towards helping entrepreneurs. We believe that their attitude is one of the reasons why they are market leaders and have the most exciting product portfolio in Spain consisting of both big and small brands.

“Being able to cooperate with well established vendors is key to success for small companies like us. It is very exiting to see that there is an interest in promoting "micro brand sustainability" and high quality products over volume and price. Its a selfishness-less strategy from El Corte Ingles that has positive consequences far beyond their shop windows...”

- Clara Canals, Managing Director 

Goya Tequila is available in EL Corte Ingles - Club del Gourmet from 1st June 2019. Both in the shops and online!

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